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Cheng Shing Piston are the leading pistons manufacturer in Taiwan and specialise in the professional production of pistons, especially for gasoline and diesel engine pistons. Manufacturing and OEM pistons for major automobile and motorcycle brands, such as YANMAR, KYMCO, YAMAHA, SYM, SUZUKI, YOSHIMURA. We are not only manufacturing engine pistons, but also we provide piston parts to meet customer's needs.

We offer forged pistons for motorcycles, passenger cars, tractors, small tractors, trucks, ships as well as small aircraft engines and compressors.

For forged piston, performance enthusiasts and custom engine builders prefer the use of forged pistons because they are more durable and easily customized to any configuration, which is essential in engine tuning.

The piston with forging process is used in applications where performance and strength are critical requirements. So we provide forging piston for high performance and OEM applications around the globe, and we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs and expectations.

Cheng Shing forged pistons are manufactured using modern technologies that ensure the quality of all pistons that are produced by Cheng Shing. These pistons are possible to be produced in small or larger series. Forged pistons are machined on semi-automatic lines using CNC machines. Quality management meets the requirements of ISO 2009.

We will walk you through the forging process that best suits your project needs, from start to finish, so that optimum results are achieved. You can expect the product end result to be cost effective, high strength, and exceeding design specification requirements.

Material: A4032
Stiffness resistance
Fatigue resistance

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